Tubular Glass Photobioreactors (PBR)

SCHOTT offers technically and economically superior products for photobioreactors (PBRs) to the algae market. Borosilicate glass tubing DURAN® allow for optimum light input for highest growth rates. With glass U-bends, manifolds and food-grade couplings we provide reliable and long lasting solutions for bio-secure algae cultivation of hamatococcus, spirulina and others.

Crystal clear Benefits of Closed Tubular Glass PBR Systems

  • Bio-Secure
    protection against bio-contamination
    & culture crashes

  • Productive
    up to 200 liter/m2 photoactive volume:
    PBR height < 6 m

  • Cost Efficient
    sustainable light transmission < 95% air-glass-water

  • Durable
    lifetime of 50 years and more

  • Resistant
    against chemicals, corrosion, sagging, scratches,

  • Food Safe
    food grade and pharma grade

Filling of a closed PBR with inoculum, A4F-Algae for Future

Filling of a closed PBR with inocculum, A4F-Algae for Future
The PBR consists of SCHOTT glass tubes, U-Bends and Couplings and is located at A4F-Algae for Future, Portugal.

Installation guide for the SCHOTT Couplings

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