Glass tubing for laboratory glass

Thanks to its high corrosion resistance in contact with acids, salt solutions, lyes and organic substances, DURAN® glass tubing is especially suited to the manufacture of laboratory glass items. High thermal shock resistance and a very wide dimensional spectrum with exceedingly narrow tolerances make glass tubing from DURAN® ideal for the manufacture of standard components for laboratory glass such as test tubes, products for volumetry such as burettes, measuring cylinders, volumetric flasks, elements in filtering devices and flow-measuring devices such as cooling and distillation plants. Glass tubing is also used in the production of grinding parts, desiccators, funnels and glass for microbiology.

DURAN® meets all relevant standards such as DIN ISO 3585, ASTM E438 Type I and falls under acid class 1.

Other types of glass can also be used depending on application. Our experts will be glad to advise you on which glass type is right for you.
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