Electronic Packaging

SCHOTT’s Electronic Packaging Business began more than 75 years ago, when we first developed glasses for the hermetic sealing of glass with metals. Today, we offer an unmatched portfolio of innovative hermetic packaging components, as well as high-performance specialty glass powders and thermal cut-offs. We serve customers through our manufacturing facilities in Germany, Czech Republic, Japan, Singapore, the United States, and Finland, as well as local sales offices across the globe.
White gloved hand holding a series of feedthroughs and packaging components for electronics

Hermetic packaging

As a world-leading supplier of hermetic feedthroughs and packaging components our core competencies include glass-to-metal seals (GTMS), multilayer ceramics, ceramic-to-metal sealing (CerTMS®), and glass micro bonding by SCHOTT Primoceler.

White glass powder in a silver metal dish

Glass powder expert

Our specialty glass portfolio covers thousands of standard and custom-developed glass formulations, ranging from solder frit and sealing glass powders to dental glass materials and bioactive glass powders.

SEFUSE® SF-type and SM-type Thermal Links

Thermal fuse specialist

Our SEFUSE® thermal links and battery protectors safeguard home appliances, lithium-ion batteries etc. by sensing overheating or overcurrent and cutting off the electrical circuit.

Male scientist inspects a glass-sealed sensor feedthrough in a laboratory

Reliability and innovation

Superior quality products from a trusted partner – this is why customers are turning to SCHOTT. We seek to provide you with components that meet the highest performance expectations.

Illustration of a transistor outline on a circuit board made to look like a city street
News & Innovation stories

Speed record on the data highway

More and more data in less and less time – SCHOTT’s transistor outline technology enables unprecedented bandwidths in communication networks.

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Illustration of a blue capacitor on a circuit board

More energy with safety

Our world is becoming increasingly digital – and our hunger for energy more insatiable. The more technology we use in our everyday lives, the more electricity we need. Glass plays a significant role in the process of efficiently storing and transmitting energy.

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Scientist working in a laboratory inspecting a glass wafer


Smart implants, which transmit and capture data or are equipped with optical components such as sensors, are becoming more and more common.

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Our services

SCHOTT TO PLUS® package selector

SCHOTT TO PLUS® package selector

SCHOTT is the quality and innovation leader in Transistor Outline (TO) packages for high-speed datacom applications.

Nuclear equipment testing and qualification services

Nuclear equipment testing and qualification services

SCHOTT offers nuclear equipment qualification services complete with a full range of consultation and comprehensive customer care.

We are certified

Certifications of the Electronic Packaging sites cover ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF 16949, EHS, AS9100/EN9100/JISQ9100, ISO 50001, ASME, ATEX and IECEx, CE Plus, KTA 1401 and EffiNet.

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