Exterior of an office building glazed with fire-resistant glass

Fire and Safety

Reliability and durability are characteristics shared by SCHOTT’s thousands of products, but while that’s a bonus for some applications, it’s essential where fire and safety are concerned. SCHOTT’s ability to provide standard as well as customized products is the cornerstone of this vital, life-saving area.
Internal wall featuring windows and transoms with fire-rated safety glazing
Fire-Rated Glass-Ceramics

PYRAN® Platinum, the world’s first and only floated glass-ceramic, specifically developed for the North American fire-rated glazing market. Thanks to it’s high resistance to fire, hot gas and smoke and neutral appearance, it remains a popular choice for airports, hotels, schools and universities. Even under high thermal loads, it retains its transparency and stability, which is vital for a quick and safe evacuation.

Active fire sprinkler system with water coming out
Sprinkler Systems and Safety Lights

As well as glass that remains stable in extreme conditions, SCHOTT manufactures products that enable glass devices to act as thermal sensors for sprinkler systems. DUROBAX® clear and DURAN® are ideally suited to this application, while DURAN® glass tubing in any variation is the ideal base for safety lamps in harsh conditions.