Sleek dark modern domestic kitchen with a range of appliances


SCHOTT is a leading supplier of specialty glass, glass-ceramics and electrical components for the kitchen and the household appliances industry. We offer the right solution for every technology, such as SCHOTT CERAN®, the world’s best-selling cooktop panel brand.
SCHOTT produces stylish and functional cooktops made with CERAN® glass-ceramic


SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic cooktop panels have not only revolutionized cooking technology, but also the modern cooking experience with quality and innovation. Whether you use radiant, induction or gas heat, CERAN® offers the right solution for every cooking technology, while being environmentally friendly, functional, durable and incredibly successful – over 180 million original units sold.

SCHOTT produce glass door panels, touch-sensitive displays and electronic packaging for ovens


For oven manufacturers, we offer customizable components to help enable quality construction and the best possible operation. SCHOTT SEFUSE thermal fuses support safety of home appliances small and large, including ovens. They protect against dangerous overheating circumstances that could potentially cause a fire.

Refrigerators can be transformed with SCHOTT glass shelves and other products


The customizable qualities of SCHOTT products are particularly useful in the manufacture of refrigerators, with manufacturers benefitting from the robust and reliable nature of our components for kitchen appliances. SCHOTT compressor seals contribute to optimal performance, while SCHOTT SEFUSE thermal fuses support safe operation.

Washers and Dishwashers

Essential appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers rely on a number of glass components. Inside the machines, our glass seals for reed switches and thermal cutoffs perform essential roles ensuring they perform effectively and the user remains safe.

Small Appliances

SCHOTT materials and components are widely used in small kitchen appliances such as toasters and irons. The superior esthetics plus thermal and hygienic properties of glass and glass-ceramic make them the ideal materials for easy-to-clean panels and touch controls that add a sleek, modern feel to small appliances. On the inside, SEFUSE® thermal fuses play a safety-critical role as they prevent electrical devices from catching fire if they overheat.