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SCHOTT's more than 140 years of experience in glass and optical technology enables us to play a key role in a number of global industries. This experience also means we offer a complete service to our customers, with fully realised optical solutions that understand your individual requirements and challenges.
Laser equipment in a laboratory

Laser Optics

SCHOTT has held a key role in laser optics for many years, in industry, medicine, science and aviation. Our ranges of laser glass and components continue to push the boundaries of possibility in this developing area of technology.

Yellow robot arm with camera attached

Machine Vision

Automated inspection systems depend on accurate and reliable advanced optics and lighting to function with maximum efficiency. SCHOTT has the expertise and experience to provide them with the answers.

Close up of industrial inspection equipment

Optical Metrology

The science of measurement is vital to many industries, and advanced optics and lighting are integral to its precision and reliability. SCHOTT’s broad range of products continues to offer the best possible tools for this application.

Glass slide examined by microscope with green and red light


For many years, SCHOTT has been heavily involved in the development of optics as a means of advancing medical technology. Our products and continuing innovation remain highly valued right across the health industry.

Man looking through binoculars across lake

Sports Optics

Whether it's accurate scopes for sporting rifles or optical prisms in high powered binoculars for ornithology, optics is key, and SCHOTT offers state-of-the-art products for sporting applications.

Row of digital cameras pointing in same direction

Consumer Optics

The modern consumer is demanding more advanced features in their cameras and smartphones, and for those manufacturing this technology, SCHOTT delivers high-grade lenses and cutoff filters for optimum imaging performance.