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The healthcare industry depends heavily on advancing technology, and while SCHOTT already plays a major role across this field, we continually work with experts to break new ground, developing innovations to enhance treatments, equipment and techniques.
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As the leading supplier of pharmaceutical packaging, including vials, ampoules, syringes and cartridges made of glass tubing and polymer, SCHOTT designs solutions for people around the world.

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Medical Devices

Throughout the healthcare industry, medical devices benefit from SCHOTT technology, components and customized glass products, from optimizing surgical tools and facilitating photodynamic therapy to protecting delicate electronics.

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The dental industry relies on SCHOTT for precise illumination of handpieces, equipment displays and electronic components. Specialty glass powders are also a key ingredient of dental restoration materials, enhancing their durability and aesthetics.

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Laboratory and Diagnostic

In laboratories and health centres around the world, life-saving research and diagnostics depend on technologically advanced SCHOTT glass products and polymer solutions to make new breakthroughs and perform accurate and effective analysis.

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Whether it's in life-saving human medical implants or injectable transponders to microchip pets and livestock, SCHOTT glass and packaging components are firmly embedded in the implant industry.

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Bioactive glass has been found to be a highly effective component in a wide variety of cosmetic products, while fiber optics provide effective support for surgical procedures such as laser skin treatment and light therapy.