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Machine Vision

SCHOTT has been centrally involved in the advancement of machine vision for over 40 years. We apply our renowned quality control and innovative thinking to the development and evolution of illumination solutions and components for automated inspection systems, process control and robot analysis.

Optical Glass

SCHOTT’s philosophy with machine vision is based on working with manufacturers and clients to develop systems ideally suited to their needs. Our unrivalled range of optical components enables us to achieve this, and with over 120 different types of optical glass in our portfolio, there’s huge potential to optimize the performance of your machine vision system. In machine vision lenses, for instance, we specialize in large format, high resolution line and area scan cameras that call for a high performance and low distortion lens.

Optical Components

SCHOTT is confident of being able to identify and supply the exact optical components for your needs. Some of our most useful product ranges for machine vision are our customizable flexible image guides, where fiber optic bundles are highly suited to industrial inspection of systems or machine vision in hazardous or remote locations that demand strong heat and mechanical resistance.

A wide range of SCHOTT optical filters and electronic packaging are used across the machine vision industry

Optical Filters

Accurate and user-friendly machine vision systems rely on optical filters to deliver the best quality imaging, and SCHOTT has a vast portfolio of products to deliver the exact solution. We also offer highly reliable and robust electronic packaging solutions to ensure the long-term reliability of your optical filters, even when used in hostile environments and hazardous applications.


SCHOTT’s range of standard and customized interference filters achieve spectral transmission by the use of thin coatings with different refractive indices on high quality glass substrates. They offer high stability in a variety of applications, but we also offer support to our customers by helping them resolve particular application issues, whether that concerns spectral values or surface properties, thermal stability or challenging environmental influences.

Thin Glass

One area where SCHOTT has set new standards for the glass industry is in the development of extremely thin glass products. Produced using our proprietary down-draw technology, our ultra-thin substrates are proving popular in industries such as machine vision where lightweight and miniaturized components are increasingly in demand. D 263® T, for example, is highly customizable and manufactured with eco-friendly refining agents, free of arsenic and antimony.

Lighting Systems

When it comes to illumination solutions for machine vision, SCHOTT’s ColdVision series brings together an extensive range of LED, halogen and xenon light sources, fiber optic light guides and accessories in a single, versatile service where the products are specially designed to work together. Our Lightlines offer a useful alternative to fiber optic bundles, for narrower, more uniform and more elongated illumination.

Glass Substrates for Optical Filters and Lenses

SCHOTT’s reputation for innovation is prominent in the field of glass substrates, where we continue to push glass technology forward to offer our customers highly advanced products. SUPREMAX® 33 is a highly versatile rolled borosilicate glass that has similarities with BOROFLOAT® 33, the world’s first floated borosilicate glass, which is still commonly used for the reliable and robust production of optical filters.