Man looking through binoculars across lake

Sport Optics

Optics play a significant role in modern sport. In areas such as shooting and archery, accurate sights are essential, while the use of rangefinders in golf and optical prisms in high powered binoculars demonstrate why sporting optics require the finest glass products.

Optical Glass

Sports optics requires optical glass that delivers highly accurate vision over long distances, and products such as SCHOTT® HT and HTultra offer exceptional transmittance, which results in brighter and more detailed images in sporting binoculars and rifle and crossbow sights. In addition, improved mesopic vision means that performance remains outstanding even in low light.

Optical Components

SCHOTT manufactures custom optical prisms for equipment such as binoculars for ornithology and sights for rifles, while our range of spherical and aspherical lenses offer a range of possibilities for high-end sports applications. With laser rangefinders also used in sports such as golf, SCHOTT’s position as a leading producer of laser glass offers the opportunity for creating truly top-quality sports optical equipment.

Effective night vision relies on high quality infrared optical systems

IR Materials

SCHOTT delivers high quality glass solutions for infrared optical systems, such as those found in night vision monoculars for shooting and ornithology. Our infrared glasses offer excellent transmission in the SWIR, MWIR and LWIR ranges, while our chalcogenide glasses are optimized for pairing with IR glasses and other IR materials, producing cost-effective and high performance results.


SCHOTT’s expertise in producing interference filters to optimize image quality in optical systems comes into play in sporting optics, particularly in devices where exceptionally high levels of color and contrast are required, such as ornithological binoculars. The high quality of our glass substrate coatings delivers great results within a broad spectral range, and their thermal and mechanical stability can be relied upon in every environment.