Brown interior of a luxury vehicle with dashboard, steering column and gear stick

Sensors and Electronics

SCHOTT’s wide range of glass and glass-sealed electronic components take on a variety of challenges in the successful operation of automotive sensors and electronics. They achieve this using superior robustness, optical precision, unique materials, as well as miniaturized and lightweight designs.
SCHOTT produce many types of hermetic packaging and electrical feedthroughs for the automotive industry

Packaging and Electrical Feedthroughs

SCHOTT offers a broad portfolio of vacuum-tight packaging and feedthrough components for the reliable function of sensitive automotive electronics and substances, including electro-chemicals and pyrotechnics. With our high-quality glass and glass-sealed components we meet the industry’s most challenging requirements, such as high pressure, extreme temperature, customization, precision and miniaturization

Vehicle pressure sensors rely on a range of SCHOTT hermetic feedthroughs

Pressure Sensors

The increasing range of sensors for the modern vehicle rely on efficiency, precision and flexibility, and SCHOTT FLEXINITY® offers wafer and thin glass with exceptional durability, accuracy and temperature resistance. Along with our range of hermetic feedthroughs for pressure sensors, the SCHOTT structured glass portfolio is a cost-effective solution for the tightest of specifications.

SCHOTT has a broad range of expertise in the area of integrated circuit packaging for the automotive industry

IC Packaging

SCHOTT offers a wide range of glass materials and packaging components for integrated circuit packaging applications, from through-hole transistor and surface mount to flat pack and wafer level chip scale packaging. These protective solutions for delicate components demand the highest levels of precision and miniaturization, and innovative product portfolios such as SCHOTT FLEXINITY® offer a highly versatile balance of durability and reliability.


LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology is leading the way in the development of self-driving vehicles, and SCHOTT produces a broad range of cover windows and optical and hermetic packaging components to protect and power LiDAR sensors. These sensors contain highly sensitive optical components, which need to be protected from moisture, dust particles and gases to ensure superior reliability and safety, while offering outstanding optical performance to achieve stable and precise laser wavelengths.


Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) devices are vital for the automotive industry, making mobility more efficient and safe. SCHOTT’s range of ultra-thin borosilicate glass for MEMs packaging, such as MEMpax®, as well as our variety of hermetic packaging components, has exactly the right thermal and chemical resistance properties to work effectively in this rapidly developing area.

Engine management systems and exhaust sensors require highly thermal- and corrosion-resistant packaging, feedthrough and sealing products

High Temperature Sensors

Sensors required for engine management systems and exhaust treatment technologies are becoming increasingly sophisticated while having to perform reliably in extremely hot and corrosive environments. SCHOTT offers a wide range of packaging, feedthrough and sealing products, with our revolutionary HEATAN® technology enabling sensors to operate in temperatures beyond 1000°C.

Vehicle optical sensors rely on SCHOTT packaging, feedthrough and sealing products

Optical Sensors

The automotive industry increasingly relies on optical sensors to directly assist the driver or form part of an autonomous driving system. These optical sensors require robust and precise packaging, feedthrough and sealing products to maintain their efficiency, which is why manufacturers turn to SCHOTT for unrivalled experience and expertise.

SCHOTT’s range of glass-to-metal sealed housings and feedthroughs protect sensitive components in high power electronics in vehicle systems

High Power Electronics

Sensitive high power electronics in automotive applications require reliable hermetically sealed packages to achieve optimum performance levels under harsh conditions. Extreme temperatures, humidity and mechanical shock are all significant challenges, so SCHOTT’s range of glass-to-metal sealed housings and feedthroughs can be customized to meet whatever issues the customer faces.

SCHOTT thermal cutoffs offer vital protection for vehicle air conditioning and engine-cooling systems

Thermal Monitoring

Air conditioning and engine-cooling systems are essential elements of the modern vehicle, and they both rely on thermal monitoring. SCHOTT’s broad and versatile range of thermal cutoffs are designed to protect electrical equipment from overheating, cutting off the electrical circuit immediately. This vital component not only prevents any damage, it makes the vehicle safer for the driver and their passengers.

SCHOTT feedthroughs enable emergency automotive batteries to function in the event of an accident

Lithium Primary Batteries

Primary lithium-thionyl chloride batteries are designed to be a small but powerful sources of electricity in the event of an accident or the main vehicle battery becoming disconnected. Working with these batteries, SCHOTT feedthroughs perform a vital function, creating a hermetic seal to enable the battery to power essential systems such as emergency calls or a vehicle alarm.