Man wearing safety goggles working on a machine in a production facility


With 140 years of experience, unique processing capabilities and innovative technology SCHOTT helps customers around the world achieve their full potential. We set new standards in a vast range of industries with our deep knowledge of specialty glass, glass-ceramics and material technology.

Our know-how

SCHOTT engineer working in the glass melting laboratory

Technology and processing

Our expert knowledge of all major processing techniques results in a broad portfolio of products that use the finest materials for the best performance.

Technology and processing
Close-up of SCHOTT optical glass


Glass is fascinating and extremely versatile. Discover the range of glass and polymer materials with which SCHOTT creates innovative solutions, applications and products.

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Diagnostic consumable rendering

Diagnostic and life science consumables

We possess a broad range of skills in the development of diagnostic and life science consumables, including expertise in glass structuring and coatings, microarray and microfluidic design, and injection molding.

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Molten, glowing glass flowing onto a ladle for further processing

Glass melting and hot forming

Advanced melting technologies create glass and glass-ceramic products that excel at the most complex of challenges.

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Challenges we have solved with our expertise:

The ELT (Extremely Large Telescope) observatory on the Cerro Armazones mountain in Chile

A window into distant galaxies

SCHOTT’s ZERODUR® glass-ceramic ensures that crisp images are available to unlock the mysteries of the cosmos.

A massive white room with long pipes and walkways extending as far as the eye can see.

Breakthrough in fusion energy

The first energy gain in a fusion reaction: With the world´s biggest laser supplied by SCHOTT, the National Ignition Facility (NIF) reached a remarkable milestone.

Scientist examining a piece of glass in the laboratory

A glass full of hope

Discover how SCHOTT NEXTERION® borosilicate glass is helping the German Cancer Research Center and startup Sciomics in the fight against cancer.