Quartz Housings For Frequency Control
Range of SCHOTT quartz housings of different sizes

Quartz Housings For Frequency Control

Quartz crystals vibrate at fixed frequencies so are ideal for time regulation roles, but they are vulnerable to outside influences such as oxidation and corrosion. SCHOTT makes robust protective housings for the crystals so they can maintain their frequency and operate with precision for long periods of time.
Range of SCHOTT quartz housings with a smartphone, watch and circuit board in the background

High reliability

Cylindrical quartz housings offer a comprehensive range of benefits: they are extremely reliable, resistant to moisture and corrosion, and boast excellent electrical insulation properties. Housings with tin or copper coatings are also environmentally friendly and simple to mount.

Range of SCHOTT quartz housings of different sizes

Perfect timing everywhere

Wherever a timing control function is required, SCHOTT’s quartz housings deliver protection to quartz systems so they can keep perfect time for long periods without interruption. They are used in mobile equipment, smartphones, tablets, laptops, personal computers and watches, as well as vehicles and remote controls.

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