Range of SCHOTT Hermetic Sensor Packaging

Hermetic Sensor Packaging

SCHOTT’s sensor packaging enables reliable protection and functionality of sensor electronics, especially in harsh-environment, performance-critical applications. SCHOTT offers a broad portfolio of sensor housings using advanced hermetic sealing technologies to guard even the most sensitive electronics.

Hands holding a range of SCHOTT feedthroughs and sensor packaging

High-reliability components from a trusted supplier

SCHOTT’s feedthroughs and packaging have been used for decades by leading sensor manufacturers, with applications ranging from harsh-environment automotive settings to high-precision optoelectronics. SCHOTT’s in-house glass development and material competency enables us to optimize our products with robust and reliable hermetic seals.

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Meeting enhanced requirements in new applications

SCHOTT's team of technical experts supports sensor manufacturers in solving reliability challenges, developing more economical sensor designs and improving performance parameters for next-generation developments. The broad portfolio of technologies available in-house enables us to offer fully custom-designed sensor packaging components that meet difficult and demanding requirements.

Range of SCHOTT automotive sensor feedthroughs

Product variants

SCHOTT offers a wide range of sensor packaging components, including miniature wafer-level chip scale packages by SCHOTT Primoceler, harsh-environment housings, optical components, and ultra-custom-designed integrated sensor packages – among others.

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SCHOTT transistor outline (TO) package
All-glass package by SCHOTT Primoceler
Range of SCHOTT Integrated Sensor Packaging

We are certified

SCHOTT production locations are all certified according to ISO 9001 QM standards and ISO 14001. Other certifications include IATF 16949 for automotive, AS9100, EN9100 and JISQ9100 for aerospace and ATEX and IECEx for explosion-proof applications.

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More and more data in less and less time – SCHOTT’s transistor outline technology enables unprecedented bandwidths in communication networks.

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