Series of clear SCHOTT Tubular Gage Glass tubes in a variety of thicknesses and types

Tubular Gage Glass

SCHOTT Tubular Gage (or Gauge) Glass provides highly accurate readings of pressure and water levels in industrial and commercial applications, and enables the observation of chemical processes inside tanks, pipes, and reactors. The technical benefits of DURAN® glass tubing make it ideal for gage glass.

DURAN® is a registered trademark of DWK Life Sciences GmbH.



End view of three different types of SCHOTT Tubular Gage Glass

Durable, pure and homogenous

Our Tubular Gage Glass is highly reliable thanks to exceptionally high chemical and thermal shock resistance, enabling it to perform in the most hostile of conditions. Superior purity, exceptional homogeneity and tight dimensional tolerances also result in high-precision measurement – vital in the area of gage glass.

SCHOTT high pressure and Standard Tubular Gage Glass tubes

Meet the SCHOTT Tubular Gage Glass family

With the availability of five different products, SCHOTT Tubular Gage Glass serves a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications, from tanks and reservoirs to boilers and flowmeters. A wide range of lengths, diameters, end finishes, and pressure ratings from 90 to 600 psi means we will always have the right gage glass for your challenge.

Eight clear Tubular Gage Glasses in a variety of thicknesses and types

Product variants

SCHOTT Tubular Gage Glass is available in Standard, High Pressure, Red Line, Heavy Wall, and Heavy Wall Red Line product variants. As well as excellent technical credentials, each one has a range of options to suit individual requirements, from high pressure environments to enhanced chemical, thermal and hydrolytic resistance.

More about Variants
SCHOTT Heavy Wall Gage Glass can withstand pressures up to 600 psi
Two clear tubes of SCHOTT Heavy Wall Red Line Gage Glass
Two clear tubes of SCHOTT Red Line Gage Glass
Three clear tubes of SCHOTT High Pressure Gage Glass
Three clear tubes of SCHOTT Standard Gage Glass

We are certified

DURAN® meets all significant standards for technical glass, such as ISO 3585:1998 and ASTM E438 Type I. SCHOTT Tubing is certified against the applicable Quality Management System standards ISO 9001 and ISO 15378 (GMP for Pharmaceutical Primary Packaging).

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