Thanks to its broad versatility, BOROFLOAT® fulfils a huge number of roles across a wide range of sectors, including glass for diagnostics in laboraties, theater lighting, industrial inspection panels, home appliances, plus advanced technology such as photonics, analytical instruments, and space telescopes.

Man holding a circular glass wafer made with SCHOTT BOROFLOAT®

Science and technology

The material integrity of BOROFLOAT® plays a vital role in the science and technology sectors. Its high chemical resistance is invaluable in components and devices such as biochips, DNA sequencers and chemical reactor inspection panels. And thanks to its high resistance to water, the material is also widely used in glassware for research laboratory machinery.

Industrial machinery inspection window featuring SCHOTT BOROFLOAT® glass

Production and research

The chemical, pharmaceutical and food and drink industries require equipment made of materials that can handle large heat loads and wide-ranging temperature changes. SCHOTT’s highly heat-resistant BOROFLOAT® is the perfect material for industrial machinery inspection windows where temperatures can be demanding. This borosilicate glass handles the heat at home too, as a key ingredient for oven door glass.

A series of circular SCHOTT BOROFLOAT® glasses in different colors

High-performance optics

The toughness and clarity of BOROFLOAT® are essential in areas that demand high-level optical performance, such as LiDAR systems for unmanned aerial vehicles. BOROFLOAT® also answers the optical requirements of space telescope lenses and diving robot lamps, as well as high-heat lighting components in cinema projectors and theater spotlights.

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