SCHOTT as a solution provider

SCHOTT as a solution provider

SCHOTT not only provides you with an optimal glass system for your PBR but we also support you in reaching the best possible results in algae cultivation. We see ourselves as a solution partner to support you in all phases, from the planning through to the optimization of your PBR production operations.

Where our direct core competences are related, we directly care of these issues. In case of interdisciplinary questions, we work together with our extensive network of partners to ensure we achieve the best solution.

Planning the system

Do you have a certain space available or do want to produce a certain amount of algae? Together with experienced system architects and project developers, we will help you to find a suitable construction for your system. In addition, jointly with you, we will work out whether a horizontal or vertical design is most effective for your situation. We can advise you on which tube diameter is best for your purpose of use. We will also clarify with you, whether a helix or a fence system is the suitable architecture for your needs. In the end, you will know exactly which and how many components you will need to reach your cultivation and economic efficiency goals.

The structure of your photobioreactor

If you require support when constructing your PBR, we will connect you with a suitable partner, who will assist you during this step.


Are you having difficulties with your system? Is the system not delivering the results you were expecting? We will help you get in contact with suitable partners from our network, who can answer your questions. Whether it be concerns about performance problems of the system, the right cleansing of the reactor or difficulties due to excess oxygen accumulation in the system, you can ask us.

The optimization of your system

Contact us if you are inquiring how to further increase the performance of your system. We will help you with the most diverse requirements. Such as:
  • How to implement a cooling system in hot areas, which offers optimal cooling as well as a minimum amount of water?
  • How can the visual or fluid dynamical properties of the system be improved?
We will answer such questions as a service for you. Together with our partners we will determine an optimal configuration from our experience with computer simulations.

Customer oriented product development

Customers repeatedly approach us with their individual ideas and wishes that have the potential of becoming a new product. In co-development with the respective customer, we then implement these ideas. Examples of such co-developments are our manifolds, which we developed together with a customer who wanted to vertically align his PBR tubes and connect as many tubes as possible at once. The development of tools to easily install or de-install the tube couplings can also be lead back to an equivalent cooperation. Typically, the co-development proceeds by SCHOTT and the customer analysing the customer’s ideas and challenges together.

The SCHOTT platform network

To ensure that we are always able to help our customers in the best way possible, we work with a platform of network partners. These offer diverse expertise, so that we are able to help with every question regarding the cultivation of algae in glass PBRs. Together with our partners we can help with:
  • All questions regarding the use and development of the glass and non-glass components of the PBR
  • Benchmarking and the testing of systems
  • Planning and purchasing of an entire photobioreactor
  • The operation of photobioreactors
  • The acquisition of downstream equipment
  • Questions regarding storage and logistics of cultivation products
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