Xensation® 3D

LAS cover glass for tough applications
LAS cover glass for tough applications

Chemical strengthened lithium alumino-silicate cover glass for tough applications – from smartphone to safety glazing

With Xensation® 3D SCHOTT is bringing unprecedented durability and reliability to the indutry's most innovative integrated touch-based devices.


With Xensation® 3D beauty meets strength - and thus enable high quality glass solutions for capactivie touch technologies. 
Typical fields of application for such strengthend cover glasses are on the one hand the consumer electronics market, where the glasses are used for example, in smartphones, handheld devices game consoles, e-books, media players or PNDs. 

The second field of application is the Computing Systems market. In this area the glasses are used in tablet PC's, netbooks and notebbooks or PC monitors.


Key Benefits

Outstanding impact strength

enables integrated touch modules with excellent damage resistance and reliability.


High scratch resistance and tolerenace

for superior aesthetic appeal and durability.


Easy and efficient cutting

of ITS sheets using industry standard equipment


Custom-sized ion-exchanged sheets

designed for effective implementation in standard production process

Product Details

Typical technical requirements for cover glasses are:
  • extra-high fracture toughness
  • high resistance against impacts and scratches
  • high scratch tolerance: low breakage risk even with scratches on the surface
  • allows simple adjustment of chemical strengthening parameters to achieve desired level of strength for specific applications
  • high chemical durability
  • high light transmission
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