Everyone knows glass, but only a few actually know the possibilities glass enables. More than 6,000 scientists and engineers are constantly unveiling new secrets about the material. Whether at home, in the health sector, within the digital world or even out in space: with our customers, we are persistently exceeding technological and creative boundaries. Here is where we tell exciting stories about glass.

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Health & Wellbeing

Health is in the foreground for many people and shapes the most diverse areas of life. The term stands for physical, mental and social well-being and a lifestyle of personal fulfilment and prevention. As life expectancy increases worldwide and the connection to the digital world continues, health-conscious consumers are making new demands.


Deciphering proteins in detail


Injecting beauty made easy

Digitalization & Connectivity

Our world is more connected than ever before. All-new devices like wearables find their way into everyday life, while cars mutate into rolling computer systems. Whether as a cover for smartphone displays, substrate for 5G antenna technology, or even as a core element of unprecedented device designs: specialty glass is an essential component of the digital world. Not always visible, but always there.


Shaping the networked future with glass

AR: This is how the light guide technology works

Xensation® Up. Stronger glass has you covered.


The increasing population makes available space in growing global metropolitan regions a limited good. Whether usable living space for more and more people, stable mobile radio networks and frequency spaces for increasing networking, or usable street space for mobility solutions: Urbanization brings with it compellingly necessary changes that often only become possible with the help of specialty glass.


Shining a new light on cooking

SCHOTT “Jena Glass” Meets Bauhaus Design

Shining winner


The 21st century is characterized by a growing need for new mobility concepts due to individualization, connectivity, urbanization and neo-ecology requirements. Technical innovations and changing needs are becoming the driving force. This trend is characterized by the acronym ACES: autonomous, connected, electrical and shared. We are experiencing an evolution: the beginning of a new, multimobile ecosystem.


Intuitive functionality

The special light with soul

Material for tomorrow´s mobility

Knowledge-driven Economy

The technical progress allows the distribution and exchange of digital information and data, enabled the expansion and availability of knowledge worldwide. Countries and companies are competing who is best in inventions, innovations and patents. To generate the necessary scientific knowledge or to develop newest technologies, sophisticated materials are a must. They enable what´s requested: enlarging human horizons.


Giant leap for mankind

Learning from the future

Never fear! #WEGOTGLASS


Globalization, digitalization and climate change are profoundly changing our lives. For the future, therefore, sustainable development is one of the biggest challenges. Sustainability means that economic, ecological and social action must always be aligned with the guiding principle of responsibility - for the benefit of the people and the environment, indeed the entire planet Earth.


Swinging with glass

Perfect place for algae and biorefining

Sustainable aquaculture


Change is afoot in the world’s energy industry. Alternative energy sources, soaring demand in emerging markets and a growing digitalization are just some of the elements disrupting the status quo. To keep the world’s lights on, humanity will need to find smart solutions to make energy supply cleaner, renewable and more efficient at the same time.


More energy with safety

Save and be safe

Generating energy naturally