ViewPort® sensor interfaces are metal conduits with hermetically sealed-in optical windows, allowing outside optical sensors to measure the physical and chemical parameters of the reactant through the window. The devices can be soundly integrated into the bioreactor, with their gas-tight design able to prevent intrusion of bacteria or fungi into, as well as leakage out of, the reactor. ViewPort® components are manufactured using materials according to pharma industry best practices, making qualification a simple process.

Enabling measurements while maintaining a sterile boundary

Processing risk minimization

ViewPort® sensor ports can be securely attached to stainless steel multi-use bioreactors (MUBs) and maintain long-term gas-tightness and hermeticity. The device keeps the integrity of the sterile boundary intact to help prevent contamination.


The components are sterilizable under γ-radiation and steam-in-place (SIP) together with the entire bioreactors. They increase the usability of spectroscopic techniques in bioprocesses by removing the additional sterilization requirement for the spectrometer probe.

High-performance optical measurements

Made with high-quality SCHOTT glass, the optical window enables the precise transmission of optical signals between sensors and reactants.

Approved materials

ViewPort® sensor interfaces receptacles conform with applicable regulations and guidelines. All components are manufactured using metal, glass, sapphire, and other materials according to pharma industry best practices.


Table showing the specifications of SCHOTT ViewPort™ for Bioprocessing

Monitoring results

ViewPort® sensor interface usage example: Chemometric for In-Situ Raman monitoring. 

Graph showing the raw data from in-situ Raman monitoring using SCHOTT ViewPort™ for Bioprocessing on the left and Chemometric result of different component concentration from raw data of in-situ Raman monitoring using SCHOTT ViewPort™ on the right

High-performance optical measurements 

Raman spectrum of H2O (532 nm) with ViewPort® sensor interface (dark blue) and without (turquoise).

Graph showing the Raman spectrum of water with and without a ViewPort® sensor interface

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