Thanks to microscale structuring and a surface that supports flawless joining, FLEXINITY® benefits from a range of impressive technical standards. A powerful component for miniaturized systems, the customization potential of FLEXINITY® makes any shape possible, offering huge potential for new technologies.

Powerful, accurate and highly customizable

Ultra-fine structure

FLEXINTY® is available in a wide thickness range 0.1 mm – 3.3 mm. While its structuring width can go down to 100 μm radius, its lateral size can be structured up to 600 mm, with a position tolerance of less than 20 μm.

Outstanding reliability

Thanks to its specific wall conditions, FLEXINTY® provides ultra high mechanical strength and reliability.

Superb surface quality

The firm glass-silicon bonded stack of FLEXINITY® structured wafers is supported by the high quality of its surface. The exceptional smooth fire-polished finish results in high durability, no matter which glass type is used in whatever application. This outstanding surface performance is the prerequisite for reliable bonding i.e. to silicon.

Create it your way

SCHOTT offers FLEXINITY realized in many of its glass materials. Same as BOROFLOAT® and MEMpax®, D 263® can be delivered as structured sheet or wafer. D 263® delivers high transmittance in the VIS to NIR range combined with a high CTE, while AF 32® eco provides high thermal stability and low dielectric loss factor.

Structuring properties

Chart showing the structuring capabilities of SCHOTT FLEXINITY®

FLEXINITY® materials

SCHOTT FLEXINITY® is available as:

  • D 263® T eco
  • AF 32® eco
  • MEMpax®

To find out more, please see the related materials on the overview page.

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