As miniaturization is a key driver in many technologies, high performing materials and components that combine accuracy & strength at affordable cost are essential. FLEXINITY® has all technical capabilities and features for a huge variety of industrial and medical uses, from automotive and camera imaging to optoelectronics and diagnostics.
A tiny pressure sensor featuring SCHOTT FLEXINITY® glass wafers


High-tech products such as automobile sensors require ultra-high reliability and cost-effective assembly. Structured glass wafers being the delivery format for glass pedestals carrying the functional MEMS sensor unit need to provide perfect surfaces as well as high-tolerance structures. FLEXINITY® is particularly important in today’s automotive industry, where it performs in small sensors, as well as enabling the development of new pressure sensor dies.

Diagram of the components of a camera in a smartphone

Camera imaging

3D camera imaging demands exceptional wafer level optics, with these high-precision components promoting excellent image and light propagation through multi-stacked systems. FLEXINITY® makes a significant contribution to this demanding technology as highly accurate components such as spacer wafers.

MEMs component with glass packaging featuring SCHOTT FLEXINITY® wafers

Optoelectronics and electronic packaging

FLEXINITY® wafers perform an extremely valuable supporting role in optoelectronics production and electronic packaging by forming spacers that act as housing for a wide variety of components. These components include electro-optical converters, transducers, transmitters, laser diodes and LEDs.

Diagram of a cross-section of SCHOTT FLEXINITY® structured glass


Microfluidic spacers made with FLEXINITY® structured glass enable highly defined and accurate diagnostics. This is especially important for microfluidic cells and the development of new pharmaceuticals, as the cells need holes and channels in top and bottom plates to inkjet and outcouple fluids that are analyzed in microfluidic cavities.

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