SCHOTT RIVULETTA® structured glass


SCHOTT's range of structured decorative glass delivers a dazzling transformation to both residential and public spaces. ARTISTA® extra-clear glass possesses the power to flood interiors with light, while the fluted pattern of RIVULETTA® performs beautifully as light skips from one flute to the next.
SCHOTT RIVULETTA® structured glass

Classic good looks

Classic design never goes out of fashion, and the fluted structure of RIVULETTA® adds a spacious, open feeling to any space, looking just as good today as it will do in 10 years time. Ideal for offices and corporate spaces, as well as the home, RIVULETTA® is a highly versatile glass with genuine style.

SCHOTT ARTISTA® and RIVULETTA® structured glass

Crystal clear clarity

ARTISTA® and RIVULETTA® are both crafted from SCHOTT’s exceptionally clear low-iron glass, whose clarity and brilliance will make any interior or exterior feature really shine. The subtle structured pattern of ARTISTA® and the smooth vertical lines of RIVULETTA® offer any home or office a sense of timeless elegance.

We are certified

ETA confirms that SCHOTT Fourcault glass meets the requirements of the standards EN 12150-2, EN 14179-2, EN 14449 and EN 1279-5.

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