Tall glass entrance to the UBS Tower in Chicago, USA, featuring SCHOTT AMIRAN® anti-reflective glass


High transparency is the hallmark of AMIRAN® anti-reflective glass. Banishing almost all reflection with exceptional transparency levels, AMIRAN® offers unrestricted vision in a broad range of applications, from facades for buildings both old and new to showcases for museums and retailers.

A koala bear on a branch inside a zoo behind SCHOTT AMIRAN® anti-reflective protective glazing

Transparent quality

AMIRAN® eliminates reflection and transmits natural light to such an exceptional degree that users enjoy near-perfect viewing in bright and sunny interior and exterior environments. The AMIRAN® range is also extremely tough, as well as scratch-resistant and weatherproof, so offers a long service life.

A globe inside a showcase made from SCHOTT AMIRAN® anti-reflective glass in the Royal Cabinet of Mathematical and Physical Instruments in Dresden, Germany

Rooms with a view

AMIRAN® is the ideal solution for a wide range of design and preservation challenges that demand superb transparency. In facades and public spaces such as store fronts and museum displays, hotels and stadium VIP areas, the benefits of this glass are crystal-clear.

Interior of Cologne Cathedral, with windows protected by SCHOTT AMIRAN® Heritage Protect anti-reflective glass

Product variant

Strong and durable AMIRAN® Heritage Protect preserves the past for the future, defending vulnerable historic buildings and artworks against the weather, UV light and pollution. Its excellent anti-reflective qualities and light transmittance allow historic sites and art to be viewed in clear and stunning detail.

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We are certified

SCHOTT AMIRAN® on float glass and AMIRAN® on extra-clear low-iron float glass for interior and exterior glazing applications conform to the DIN EN 1096-2 standard, following the provision of Directives 89 / 106 / EWG.

01 AMIRAN displays luxury fashion in its best light

AMIRAN® displays luxury fashion in its best light

Italian luxury fashion brand Ermenegildo Zegna gives shoppers the best possible view of the products in their store in Macau, China, thanks to 10 mm thick, tempered, low-reflection AMIRAN® with polished edges.
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02 Armory shines thanks to AMIRAN showcases

Armory shines thanks to AMIRAN® showcases

The armory in the Royal Palace in Dresden, Germany, exhibits magnificent arms and medieval suits of armor. Anti-reflective AMIRAN® glass is used to offer maximum visibility to 13 large display cases for the knights and their horses.
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03 A clear view throughout with AMIRAN facades

A clear view throughout with AMIRAN® facades

Architects for the Abu Dhabi Financial Center wanted a clear view through the office building and also the adjoining car parks. Using 6,000 m² of AMIRAN® anti-reflective glass, consistency of design was achieved and an exceptional facade constructed.
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04 SCHOTT AMIRAN showcases Islamic art

SCHOTT AMIRAN® showcases Islamic art

The beautiful exhibit rooms of the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar are further enhanced by 410 display cases made of anti-reflective SCHOTT AMIRAN® glass, keeping the focus firmly on the stunning pieces on view.
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05 Invisible protection for showcases with SCHOTT AMIRAN

Invisible protection for showcases with SCHOTT AMIRAN®

At the Stadel Museum in Frankfurt, Germany, Albrecht Dürer’s wood print The Triumphal Arch of Emperor Maximilian I is robustly protected by vandal-proof yet near-invisible SCHOTT AMIRAN® glass, ensuring security and an undisturbed view in any light.
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06 Glass protection at Cologne Cathedral thanks to AMIRAN Heritage Protect

Glass protection at Cologne Cathedral thanks to AMIRAN® Heritage Protect

Exterior protective glazing preserves historical stained glass from the elements at Cologne Cathedral. Customized optical interference coatings from SCHOTT AMIRAN® Heritage Protect also minimize reflections to ensure great views from any angle.
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07 Invisibly protecting lead glass windows at Neuschwanstein Castle

Invisibly protecting lead glass windows at Neuschwanstein Castle thanks to AMIRAN® Heritage Protect

The robust and weather-resistant coating of AMIRAN® Heritage Protect preserves historical lead glass windows at the famous Singers’ Hall from damaging environmental influences. Its anti-reflective properties ensure a clear view also in unfavorable viewing angles.
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