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Everyone knows glass, but only a few actually know the possibilities specialty glass enables. Our 6,000 scientists and engineers around the world are constantly unveiling new secrets about the material our founder invented more than 130 years ago. As #glasslovers, we manage to play a key role in today's most important megatrends.

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FIGHTING COVID-19. Our contribution

SCHOTT supports the pharmaceutical industry in the fight against the pandemic by supplying borosilicate glass vials that hold COVID-19 vaccines and treatments. Approximately 90 percent of approved COVID-19 vaccines rely on SCHOTT vials and by the end of 2021, the company will have delivered enough vials to hold several billion vaccine doses. As the world’s biggest supplier of glass tubing and a leading producer of primary packaging containers for the pharmaceutical industry, the company manufactures over 11 billion pharma containers per year.

SCHOTT vials for 1 billion COVID-19 vaccine doses delivered. Image: SCHOTT

CONSUMER TECH. Enabling the digital future

Our world is more connected than ever before. All-new devices like flip phones find their way into everyday life, while augmented reality (AR) is coming closer to consumer adaption. Specialty glass from SCHOTT is often a core element of unprecedented device designs. Whether as an ultra-flexible cover glass for foldable smartphones (Xensation® Flex) or as a strong cover glass for smartphone displays with outstanding set drop performance (Xensation® Up.), a substrate for 5G antenna technology, or as a high-index glass wafer for Augmented Reality (SCHOTT RealView®). Our cutting-edge products are not always visible, but always there.

Four foldable smartphones with flexible cover glass
Our thinnest, most flexible glass is the perfect fit for foldable devices of now and then, thanks to its incredible bending radius < 5 mm. Image: SCHOTT

SCHOTT CERAN®. A kitchen icon turns 50

Half a century ago, it revolutionized cooking. Today, it is impossible to imagine the kitchen without this black glass-ceramic cooktop. Since its market launch in 1971, the smooth black glass-ceramic sets new standards in kitchens around the world. Originally designed for giant telescopes and satellites to find new galaxies, it soon became a bestseller and trendsetter in cooking. With more than 180 million cooktops sold, the Original CERAN® has been leading the market for years, enabling new appliance features and designs time and again. And after 50 years is it is already waiting to enable new innovations for the kitchens of tomorrow.

Innovative lighting solutions open up new possibilities for design and use. Image: SCHOTT

CLIMATE NEUTRAL 2030. An ambitious goal

Social responsibility has always been an integral part of our corporate strategy. The dividends we generate support a wide range of projects in scientific research and social programs. Today, taking responsibility has taken on new meanings. Progressive climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. We know we have to do our part to stop climate change and have set ourselves an ambitious goal. Our pledge: Being climate neutral by 2030.

Fast-moving river through forest taken from above
SCHOTT wants to be climate neutral by 2030. Image: SCHOTT

ZERODUR®. Mirror substrates for the ELT

For astronomers, broadening horizons means reaching for the stars. The European Southern Observatory (ESO) helps to make this happen. Currently ESO is working on the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT), the world´s most powerful telescope. SCHOTT is participating in this exciting project in manufacturing the substrate material for a total of four out of five mirrors. Due to its unique properties, the glass-ceramic ZERODUR® enables extreme shape accuracy and ensures sharp images from space. The glass experts are currently producing the substrates made of the glass-ceramic ZERODUR® for the segmented 39-m-primary mirror. The ELT is scheduled to have its “First Light” in 2025.

ZERODUR® Quality Check 2017
SCHOTT manufactures the glass-ceramic substrate for mirrors used in the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) astronomy project. Image: SCHOTT

ANNUAL RESULTS. Sound results despite COVID-19 crisis

SCHOTT continued its positive development and set the course for further growth by engaging in a bold investment program. Despite the generally weak economic environment due to the corona pandemic, SCHOTT managed to continue to develop its key financial figures positively in fiscal year 2020, or to maintain them at the good level of the previous year.

Dr. Frank Heinricht, Chairman of the Board of Management
Dr. Frank Heinricht, Chairman of the Board of Management. Image: SCHOTT
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