Lighting and Imaging

SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging has been a leading manufacturer of fiber optics and LED solutions for 60 years. We apply our advanced glass technology capabilities to create flexible and rigid glass fiber optic solutions for precise light or image transfer and to produce high-quality LED light sources. We provide a full range of services from early-stage product development all the way to serial production.
SCHOTT engineers investigating a fiber bundle

Engineering expertise

We bring our know-how in glass optical fibers as well as mechanical, thermal, optical, and electronic engineering to the table. Our experts are solution-oriented,​ open-minded, and work with team​ spirit. This provides new impetus and an agile, productive workflow for an advanced process that benefits from progressive ideas at every stage.

SCHOTT employee in a cleanroom looking at a laser diffuser

Premium manufacturing

To ensure superior product performance, our long-term experienced workers use the latest tools and technologies to customize glass optical fibers, bundles, cables and assemblies with highest quality – in nanometer tolerances. To do so, we track relevant production parameters for traceability and transparency.

Production worker with a tablet besides a robot

Reliability and flexibility

Located in Europe, North America and Asia, we respond quickly and adapt efficiently to your needs, offering new opportunities for on-time development. Our automated processes give us the flexibility to scale from a few pieces to mass production.

Two employees working on a fiber optic gooseneck

Collaborative approach

Thanks to our long-term reliable and collaborative approach, we offer you the ideal partnership for designing new, optimized products. As a team, we can develop your bright idea into a future-proof and successful product.

Our services

Application consulting

Application consulting

Mastering light and enabling maximum performance for your requirements.

Joint product development

Joint product development

Bringing your requirements to life by developing customized OEM products.

Integrated logistics and production concepts

Integrated logistics and production concepts

Enabling integrated concepts with optimized interfaces for your high-volume products.

Product and technology training

Product and technology training

Supporting your training programs with our experts in the roll-out of new product and technology platforms.

We are certified

SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging operates a global, centralized management system which incorporates requirements from ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485 and ISO 45001. SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging also operates two ISO class 7/8 cleanrooms.

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