SCHOTT UTG® for foldable displays

SCHOTT has been pushing the physical boundaries of specialty glass for more than 130 years. Today, SCHOTT UTG® is at the heart of the foldable revolution in the consumer electronics market, and has been awarded with the Guiness World Record for the thinnest glass on Earth at an early stage of its development.

Ultra-thin, ultra-flexible, ultra-strong

Current smartphones and other screen-based devices are highly robust. In addition, upcoming cutting edge devices are also foldable. These features demand new cover glasses combining a range of properties that push the material to the very edge of technical feasibility. For best protection in extremely challenging conditions, the glass needs to be ultra-thin and ultra-flexible, and it needs to ultra-strong at the same time. 

How SCHOTT UTG® is defining the future of foldables

Flexible digital display rolled up into a stand

Shaking up established markets

The next generation of ultra-thin glass will transform 2D device designs into stunning three-dimensional “all-display” experiences.

Four foldable smartphones on a dark background

The all-in-one trend

The rapidly expanding range of device functions and capabilities means smartphones will become even more important in all areas of life, by integrating even further functions.

	Illustration showing how a foldable device can extend its display

Foldable and rollable displays

More tasks will require additional adjustable screen area. Foldable, rollable and slidable displays provide this flexibility – for new user interfaces and user experiences.

Foldable laptop with large display

Increasing display size

Getting the most out of increasingly intelligent and adaptive equipment will require larger displays, with frameless and recess-free designs making the entire display usable.

Features for new design opportunities

SCHOTT UTG® is the world’s first ultra-thin, ultra-strong glass that can be processed in mass volume, providing extraordinary flexibility and an exceptionally small bending radius for global manufacturers. These unique physical properties offer designers the freedom to create groundbreaking new devices in the consumer electronics market.
Material testing equipment conducting a bending test on a sample of flexible glass

Small bending radius

With an achievable bending radius of less than 1mm after processing, SCHOTT UTG® enables foldable devices, retaining high strenght under the most demanding conditions.

Smartphone display with series of white lines

Ultra-thin and ultra-strong

Smartphones and other electronic devices need to be able to withstand the toughest situations our everyday life throws at them, so their cover glass needs to be tough. Since SCHOTT UTG® is suitable for chemical strengthening, it remains strong and durable for the lifetime of the product.

SCHOTT engineer operating a glass processing machine

Mass production

SCHOTT UTG® is available around the world for mass production, with consistently high quality materials and robust physical properties.

SCHOTT’s unique down-draw process

With the down-draw process, a glass ribbon is simply pulled down – the faster the glass ribbon is drawn, the thinner the end product and the more challenging the production. In addition to seamless thickness adjustment, the process offers the advantage of the glass requiring no or less secondary slimming, thus eliminating the downstream etching processes that are harmful to the environment. Glass produced by the down-draw process also shines, with a low thickness variation and a flawless surface (surface roughness ~1 nm). The result is SCHOTT UTG® – glass thinner than a human hair.

Thumbnail_DownDraw Process UTG.png

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A glass that can bend more than 300,000 times

SCHOTT UTG® wins 2021 DIC Award

After winning the SID Component of the Year Award in May 2021, SCHOTT UTG® won a 2021 DIC Award for shaping the ultimate in consumer breakthrough mobile devices.

Line up of winners in the DIC Awards 2021