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SCHOTT Advanced Optics is a valuable partner for developing products and customized solutions for applications in optics, astronomy, opto-electronics, augmented reality, life sciences, and research. With a portfolio of over 120 glasses, we master the value chain, from development to finishing and metrology.
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More than 120 optical glass types

Products in the SCHOTT Advanced Optics range are available in a vast range of optical glass types, each with their own unique set of technical properties for specific applications.

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Each SCHOTT product can be customized for your exact requirements, from different shapes and sizes to polishing, coating and bonding options.

High precision sensor on ZERODUR® glass-ceramic

Whole value chain

From customized glass development to high-precision optical product finishing and metrology, SCHOTT controls the whole value chain, offering complete peace of mind for our customers.

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Innovation in our DNA

Our knowledge and experience of Advanced Optics is expanding and developing every day, with new ideas, insight and innovation creating new products and technology to meet the demands of our customers.

Bill James Laser Glass
News & Innovation stories

Advanced glass for complex applications

Bill James, SCHOTT Vice President of Research and Development for North America, explains how laser glass creates more intense beams, opening up a range of new applications in medicine, transport and energy.

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Online Shop

Online Shop

The SCHOTT Advanced Optics online store enables you to order products, track those orders, and keep all your contacts and business information in one place.

Certificates and guidelines

Certificates and guidelines

Find all our certificates, test reports, ISO standards and compliance documents with our advanced filter tool.

We are certified

SCHOTT is ISO 45001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 certified. In addition, our glass products undergo stringent quality inspection before shipping and the manufacturing process is constantly monitored at all stages.

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