Aerial shot of the main SCHOTT plant in Jinyun County, China


Since opening in 2012, SCHOTT’s site in Jinyun County, China has become an important base for the production of pharmaceutical glass tubing and packaging. The two plants now in operation here will support and facilitate the Chinese government initiative “Health China 2030”, promoting improved public health.

A vital new venture in Jinyun

Known as a growing center for industry, Jinyun is a county in the Zhejiang Province that has a very good ecological environment, as well as being a focus for improved environmental awareness in Chinese industry. In 2012, SCHOTT Pharmaceutical Packaging joined forces with Xinkang (a company now owned by SCHOTT) to develop a new plant in the region. Then, in October 2017, another facility in LiJin industrial park was opened.

In 2020, SCHOTT’s pharmaceutical tubing plant went into production, and is now the base for the production and supply of neutral borosilicate glass tubing. This high quality tubing is ideal for the manufacture of state-of-the-art pharmaceutical packaging applications that serve the growing Chinese market and the pharmaceutical industry worldwide.

SCHOTT Tubing Zhejiang, China - Ramp-Up within 500 days

What we offer

Markets and Applications

SCHOTT has two production sites in Jinyun County, which both supply the pharmaceutical market in China – a market that’s predicted to become the world’s biggest by 2050 – and worldwide. The pharmaceutical tubing plant processes highly robust borosilicate glass that’s both durable and chemically resistant to ensure long-term reliability for the packaging of potentially volatile substances. The pharmaceutical packaging plant then processes this glass tubing into a wide variety of products that package life-saving medications. For instance, pharmaceutical vials made by SCHOTT are used in 75 % of Covid-19 vaccine projects around the world.

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In Jinyun County, borosilicate glass tubing is processed into a wide variety of pharmaceutical packaging. This includes vials of different shapes, sizes and specifications, many of them siliconized, alongside ampoules specifically designed to meet the demands of SCHOTT’s commercial partners and customers in China and overseas. SCHOTT also strives to set new product standards, with the Jinyun plants now shifting focus from the production of borosilicate 7.0 borosilicate glass to the even higher quality 5.0 glass type, which the company continues to roll out globally.

Line of clear  glass tubing, cartridges, and vials

About the region

A modern industrial hub set in natural beauty

Jinyun County is located in southern Zhejiang, a hilly area in the east of China, south-east of Hangzhou. It’s a famous tourism destination in China, with breathtaking mountain and river views, all set within a comfortable climate. The city of Lishui is part of an area known as China's “Green Valley” since its forest coverage rate is over 80 %, while Jinyun County as a whole remains an industrial hub, with steel and textiles widely manufactured here.

River and forest in Jinyun County, Zhejiang, China

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