SCHOTT® Luminous Diffusers

SCHOTT® Luminous Diffusers offer superior laser delivery solutions for demanding applications due to the outstanding technical properties and characteristics of their raw materials. As a company that’s looking to form strong partnerships, we can tailor those qualities for a bespoke solution.

A new generation of laser delivery systems

Excellent homogeneity

Effective modern healthcare demands equipment that provides consistent high quality treatment, and the high radiation homogeneity of SCHOTT® Luminous Diffusers offers healthcare professionals reliable performance for demanding applications.

Superior optical efficiency

SCHOTT® Luminous Diffusers deliver an impressive optical efficiency of 80%. Little light is lost over a broad variety of wavelengths.

Powerful laser delivery

Lasers used in healthcare are increasing in power, and SCHOTT’s laser delivery systems are keeping pace. Our luminous diffusers offer a throughput of up to 20 W – an important feature in components such as spherical diffusers.

Wide range of wavelengths

Laser delivery systems need to be versatile when it comes to wavelengths. SCHOTT® Luminous Diffusers can transmit a broad range of wavelengths, including the visible and near-infrared (NIR) up to 2,000 nm.

Radiation profiles

Extensive testing of the SCHOTT® Luminous Cylindrical and Spherical Diffusers resulted in the following measurements:

SCHOTT® Luminous Cylindrical Diffusers

Radiation profile (homogeneity). 

Graph showing the radiation profile (homogeneity) of SCHOTT® Luminous Cylindrical Diffusers 


SCHOTT® Luminous Spherical Diffusers

360° radiation profile (homogeneity). 

Graph showing the 360° radiation profile (homogeneity) of SCHOTT® Luminous Spherical Diffusers

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