Close up of an electronics system

Electronics and Microscopy

Whether it’s hermetic seals for sensors, primary feedthroughs for batteries or lighting solutions for microscopy, SCHOTT’s range of components and packaging delivers optimum long-term performance.

Sensors and Electronics

Industrial and energy applications place extreme demands on delicate sensors and safety-critical electronics. While SCHOTT offers ultra-reliable packaging for the protection of semiconductor components in automated manufacturing systems, we also offer highly robust Eternaloc® feedthroughs. These are essential for the transmission of power and signals to and from critically important systems, maintaining strong performance in extreme high pressure, high temperature environments such as nuclear reactors or subsea applications.

Batteries and Capacitors

SCHOTT’s drive to research and develop new technologies that expand the limits of glass innovation has resulted in groundbreaking products such as SCHOTT GTAS® covers and lids for primary and secondary batteries and capacitors. To seal the terminals, high-performance glass rather than organic materials are used, offering fully gas-tight protection from moisture intrusion or electrolyte evaporation.

Microscopy Lighting

SCHOTT’s broad range of microscopy Illumination delivers consistent performance and versatility for a large number of microscopy applications. Our lighting portfolio utilizes LED and halogen light sources, while our PURAVIS® glass optical fibers deliver outstanding transmission of white light and improved transmission in the near-UV range for fluorescence-based applications.