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Unmatched optical precision, the highest purity, extreme heat resistance, flexibility and strength. Our vast range of specialty glass solutions enable our customers to think in new dimensions.

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Shaping the networked future with glass

Today, more information is being collected from more people, requiring more communication and data. Traditional ideas and approaches no longer offer solutions to these challenges, so we need to rethink our approach. Discover how we can shape the future with glass.

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Deciphering proteins in detail

Deciphering proteins in detail

Tissue protein analysis is key to diagnose and treat diseases. An innovative technique now enables researchers to measure protein expression in individual cells in a fast and simple way.

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SCHOTT EVERIC™ - next generation vials

SCHOTT EVERIC™ - next generation vials

Every drug formulation is unique, just like every patient is too. Particularly high-potency medicines that are entering the market have exacting pharma packaging needs to ensure drug stability.

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Research & Development

Opportunity Lab

Searching for an innovative solution to a challenging problem? The SCHOTT Opportunity Lab offers easy access to our team of experts. Challenge glass. Challenge us.


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Markets and Applications

With outstanding material knowledge and technological expertise, SCHOTT produces customized glass solutions that increase performance and create market opportunities.

Giant leap for mankind

When astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon, a dream of mankind became reality. Optical glasses from SCHOTT helped to capture this historical event for the entire world to experience.