Satellite in orbit around the Earth


SCHOTT continues to push boundaries in the satellite industry. Our expertise in delivering state-of-the-art materials and components to optimize performance in optics, electronics, energy-generating hardware and many other fields is recognized across the globe. 

Mirror Substrates

SCHOTT offers innovative products such as ZERODUR® extremely low expansion glass-ceramic for the production of lightweight mirror substrates for satellites. With a net thermal expansion close to zero, high strength, and very low levels of imperfection, ZERODUR® has exactly the right qualities to withstand the extreme conditions of space, as well as the ability to be ground and polished into very precise geometrical shapes.

Electronics and Sensors

As in many other industries where SCHOTT products are widely used, our vacuum-tight packaging components and substrates provide robust protection while enabling high performance of electronics and sensors. Wafer level chip scale packaging offered by SCHOTT Primoceler™ is just one technology that’s setting new standards, offering hermetic laser bonding of two or more glass wafers without heat or added materials.

Space Photovoltaics

As we develop better and safer energy sources for the planet, satellites operating in space often rely on photovoltaic solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity. SCHOTT's 0787 solar glass is an ultra-thin, cerium-doped glass with increasing radiation resistance that's used as cover glass for space photovoltaic solar cells.


In satellite technology, optical materials need to achieve extremely high refractive index homogeneity as well as deliver consistently high performance in challenging conditions. The powerful cameras used in satellites require supremely accurate lenses with a proven ability to produce outstanding high resolution imagery, and many rely on SCHOTT’s advanced products.