Satellite in orbit around the Earth


SCHOTT continues to push boundaries in the satellite industry. Our expertise in delivering state-of-the-art materials and components to optimize performance in optics, electronics, energy-generating hardware and many other fields is recognized across the globe. 

Seat and Monument Illumination

SCHOTT has been delivering illumination solutions for aircraft seats for more than 20 years. Reading lights, moods lights and functional lights work seamlessly together in our integrated approach to seat and monument lighting, connecting design and function. We give our customers maximum design freedom, with our seat illumination concepts based on fully customizable and qualified lighting components.

Decorative Cabin Illumination

Decorative light elements in cabin illumination concepts play an important role when creating lighting scenarios. A fascinating starry sky in the night-time cabin or windows highlighted with subtle contour lighting will leave a lasting impression.

Navigation and Displays

SCHOTT offers a huge variety of optical materials, components and display glass that support the complex flight systems keeping an aircraft on track. Our advanced optics and glass-ceramics are designed to withstand the unique environmental pressures and safety requirements of air travel. As an example, ring laser gyroscopes using ZERODUR® glass-ceramic are an essential part of an aircraft’s navigation system, measuring minute changes in direction.

Electronics and Sensors

SCHOTT’s focus on reliability and innovation means we are able to deliver protective components for increasingly complex electronics with an extremely small and lightweight footprint. Our large portfolio of components offers highly versatile packaging with superior levels of quality in an industry where failure is never an option.

UAVs and Drones

SCHOTT facilitates the continuing development of drone technology with the manufacture of ultra-thin glass offering outstanding heat resistance, stability and light weight. This provides effective labeling of drones, while UAVs also benefit from SCHOTT’s versatile, customizable lenses, allowing outstanding fields of view.

Emergency Vision Devices

Emergency viewing devices such as passive fiber optic image guides allow cabin crews to look outside in emergency situations, even when the electricity is out. This is especially important in the event of an emergency landing to check if it's safe to open the doors. Of course, we hope they will never be required, but if they are, we know our products have the reliability and resilience to help protect passengers and crew.