Circuit board with a range of microchips

Electronic Integration

When integrating electronic components, filters and packaging into data and communication systems, manufacturers are increasingly seeking ways to develop more compact, lightweight and miniaturized devices. SCHOTT’s innovative glass materials and technologies offer exciting new possibilities to do just that.


The potential of glass and glass-ceramic for use in high-performance antennas, such as transmitter masts for mobile communications, is a thrilling area of research and development. Known for their low loss of electromagnetic radiation, SCHOTT's range of thin glasses serve as antenna array substrates, offering a higher degree of miniaturization, higher efficiency and lower susceptibility to interference compared to traditional materials.

RF Filters

RF filters are a key component in selecting the right frequency for today's smartphones. Our glass substrates add structure to RF filters and ensure mechanical stability.

IC Packaging / Advanced PCB

As the industry demands that larger quantities of data are transmitted more quickly and on smaller electronic parts, advanced printed circuit boards have become increasingly popular, and SCHOTT thin glass substrates are the ideal choice. Eco-friendly materials are also in demand, with D263® T eco and AF32® eco demonstrating a number of environmental credentials. The same technology also enables miniaturized IC packaging.


Autonomous vehicles are a good example of technology that relies on ultra-high resolution Radar to measure the velocities of surrounding objects, but they need reliable hermetic and heterogeneous packaging components to operate without interference. SCHOTT’s range of hermetic and heterogeneous packaging eliminates potentially dangerous performance impairment by protecting sensitive electronics from heat, moisture, impact and other environmental factors.

High Power Electronics

With 5G technology on the rise, data volumes, transmission speeds and processing requirements are more demanding than ever, and with it comes the challenge of increased heat generated by components and systems. Decades of experience in optoelectronics, aerospace and automotive have helped SCHOTT create a range of hermetic and heterogeneous packaging components that provide long-term protection and mechanical stability for high power electronics, enabling efficient power and signal transmission.