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Our purpose

Where others say no, we say yes.


Because at SCHOTT we believe that shared responsibility can release the energy to achieve the impossible. Working closely together with our customers we are determined to make a real difference in the world – yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Pioneering the impossible

The seemingly impossible solution-finding missions we get to go on as a global technology company awaken our ambition, our curiosity and our perseverance. We embrace the visionary ideas of our customers; overcome the physical boundaries of the materials we work with and take on our social and environmental responsibilities in today’s world. Whatever challenges the future might hold, we can’t wait to come up with innovative solutions and turn visions into reality.

Impossible success stories

Close-up of SCHOTT  ultra-thin glass

Flexible glass

Can glass be bent around your finger? Yes! We made the flexible glass revolution possible with glass thinner than a human hair. Together with our customers we developed SCHOTT UTG®, an ultra-thin premium cover glass for high-end foldable electronic devices.

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Close-up of SCHOTT glass tubes and a SCHOTT Pharma vial

mRNA storage solutions

Can drug containment solutions and polymer syringes withstand temperatures of up to -80°C? Yes! SCHOTT vials made of glass and polymer meet the highly demanding transportation and storage needs for mRNA applications so they can be safely distributed to patients.

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Close-up of SCHOTT ZERODUR(R) glass-ceramic

Extremely Large Telescope

Can glass-ceramic contribute to an unprecedented window into distant galaxies? Yes! Made with SCHOTT ZERODUR® glass-ceramic, the European Southern Observatory’s Extremely Large Telescope’s segmented primary mirror is 39 meters in diameter and is widely expected to break new ground in space exploration.

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Pioneering material solutions

As a global material technology group SCHOTT is constantly exploring unique and innovative ways to make a difference for multiple businesses and industries. Therefore, we push the technological limits of glass and apply cutting-edge methods to design new or evaluate ‘adjacent’ materials and technologies that perfectly complement our portfolio. This approach opens up new possibilities for our customers and enables life-changing innovations.
Man on a forklift transporting goods into a warehouse

Our unique contribution

SCHOTT has more than 140 years of experience in reinventing glass to make life better. This fascination for specialty glass has evolved into a commitment to material innovation. Our customers have access to our holistic tech-material expertise and unique know-how in processing and technology. From our founders to all of our 17.100 employees today, SCHOTT is driven by a passion for innovative products and their possibility to change the world.

Turning ideas into reality
As a global market leader, we empower our customers to stand out within their business segments and dare to think big. The highly skilled and dedicated people working at SCHOTT turn bold ideas into reality. Together, we pioneer groundbreaking glass and material innovations, fueling science and inspiring progress.
Man wearing safety goggles working on a machine in a production facility
Partnership & collaboration
We believe in the value and success of close collaboration and a dynamic exchange of different perspectives and experiences. Working in diverse and multidisciplinary teams increases efficiency and creativity. This also applies to the relationships we build with our customers. We foster long-term partnerships and work hand in hand from the very beginning to develop forward-thinking solutions.
Cobot positioning a Glaswafer into a laser processing machine
Future-ready material solutions
The aim of our work is to create durable, future-ready solutions that are produced as sustainable and cost-effective as possible. To make our production energy-efficient, we drive digitalization and act responsible. Saving energy, switching to green electricity and developing new technologies are unquestionable measures for environmental protection. And as a foundation company, both social and environmental responsibility have been part of our culture since day one.
SCHOTT shards warehouse

The SCHOTT values

Act responsibly

A deep belief in responsibility and accountability for one's own actions. Taking care of the health of our employees and the environment.

Respect others

Respect, value and trust each other without any prejudice and acknowledging local culture. Foster diversity and equal opportunity. Bring different opinions, mindsets and expertise together as a team.

Create value

Create value encouraging people to develop their full potential. Be entrepreneurial, quality-driven and solution-oriented. Make use of long expertise to create relevant and sustainable solutions in close cooperation.

Drive innovation

Produce new and creative solutions. Be open and continuously improve processes and dare to explore new ideas.  

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