Small baby in a child seat in the back of a luxury vehicle

Safety and Foresight

SCHOTT works closely with a number of leading automotive companies to provide a series of technological innovations that improve automotive safety. Our customers benefit from a broad range of protective hermetic feedthroughs as housings that reliably encapsulate highly sensitive electronic components.

Airbag and Seatbelt

The first lines of defense in any motor vehicle collision are the seatbelt and airbag. Both depend on glass-to-metal sealed packages and electrical feedthroughs that protect the igniter charge of airbags and seatbelt pretensioners from any external influences. SCHOTT’s reliable and robust technology enables these vital mechanisms to function without fail for many years.

Sensors and Electronics

We are increasingly dependent on sensors and electronics on the road. Yet these delicate and lightweight components require protection from challenging temperatures and atmospheric conditions to ensure their reliability. SCHOTT’s innovative and versatile range of microscopic glass-to-metal sealed packages and electrical feedthroughs are designed to work effectively and reliably in the latest automotive electronic systems.


Advanced optical components are an increasing feature of the modern automotive experience, and SCHOTT are experts in designing and manufacturing glass components for night vision and 360° gesture-control cameras. Our range of Infrared (IR) transmitting filters for IR sensors and cameras, and hard, anti-reflective coatings for protective windows have significant roles in the constantly developing area of automotive safety.