Close up of a female mouth smiling showing teeth


Tooth decay remains one of the most common infectious diseases worldwide, and specialty glass materials and components from SCHOTT are found in a broad variety of modern dentistry applications, as well as present in many restoration and prosthetic materials.

Dental Restoration and Prosthetic Materials

Dental composite fillings contain up to 80% purity glass powder to enhance durability and esthetic appeal. Based on decades of quality leadership, the extremely broad SCHOTT Dental Glass portfolio is also in demand for innovative applications beyond composites, including CAD/CAM blocks, mill blanks, 3D printing applications, glass-ionomer cements, and glass-ceramics.

Lighting for Handpieces and Curing Devices

SCHOTT is a global market leader in dental instrument illumination, delivering the best possible view for accurate, efficient treatment. Our Solidur® LEDs play a key role in dental turbines, handtools and intraoral cameras, while our light guide rods can help detect dental conditions by fluorescent light or aid magnification in phototherapeutic systems powered by diode lasers.

Oral Health Care

SCHOTT products can be found in everyday domestic hygiene instruments, such as SEFUSE® thermal fuses that protect electric toothbrushes and other electrical devices in the event of overheating.