Black sports car with blue striped wheel alloys


Illumination requirements in modern motor vehicles are as wide-ranging as they are demanding. But at SCHOTT we pride ourselves on working with manufacturers to enable both creative and appealing lighting concepts, as well as effective and reliable function in an industry where it really counts.

Exterior Lighting

SCHOTT’s specialty glass tubing, glass optical fibers and flat glass components set high standards in efficient and innovative automotive lighting design. Superior temperature range compatibility ensures reliability and performance, while customization possibilities offer a large amount of creative freedom to suit a wide variety of current and future lighting technologies, including halogen, LED and laser light.

Interior Lighting

Our interior lighting solutions are designed to make the driving experience as comfortable and convenient as possible, combining functional and ambient lighting to create consistent but discreet illumination. Glass optical fibers combined with style-conscious modern LED sources make our products flexible and compatible with ever-evolving interior design trends.