SCHOTT® Luminous Diffusers

Laser diffusers are suitable for light-based medical treatments, supporting the medical industry’s fight against cancer. In other fields, dermatology procedures benefit from the use of highly precise and effective laser delivery, while dentists use lasers to destroy the bacteria that causes gum disease.
Illustration of a patient being treated for cancer in the throat region with a cylindrical diffuser

Cancer treatment

Advanced light-based therapies are increasingly employed in cancer treatment. For example, laser-induced thermal therapy (LITT) uses optical fibers to deliver light directly into tissue and coagulate a tumor, while photodynamic therapy (PDT) kills targeted cells when exposed to light. Next-generation treatments use light to activate photosensitizers and help therapeutic compounds reach cancerous cells.

Illustration of a patient being treated with a SCHOTT® Luminous Front-Emitting Diffuser in a dermatology procedure


Laser delivery is continuing to help advance the fields of both medical and cosmetic dermatology. The high homogeneity of SCHOTT’s glass-based diffusers can help ensure that an entire area of skin receives the same light treatment, which is vital for laser-based procedures such as lesion removal, hair reduction and psoriasis treatment.

Illustration of an arm undergoing vein treatment with a cylindrical diffuser


The medical procedure of sclerotherapy is used to eliminate conditions such as varicose veins. SCHOTT® Luminous Diffusers have been found to perform particularly well at NIR wavelengths up to 2,000 nm, which makes them ideal for such safe and precise high-power procedures.

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