A borosilicate soft glass without any lead in its composition, SCHOTT 8360 speciality glass can be widely used across different industries thanks to its low temperature sealing properties, high impermeability, high dielectric constant, and low dielectric loss. 

Lead-free physical and chemical excellence for NTC thermistors

Lead-free glass

SCHOTT 8360 is a speciality glass for high temperature applications where the NTC chip must be sealed in glass for protection. Using SCHOTT 8360 in an NTC thermistor means there are no special concerns over lead disposal.

Low sealing temperatures

SCHOTT 8360 lead-free specialty glass possesses almost identical properties to lead glass, making it an ideal alternative. This means that manufacturing processes can easily transition to this environmentally-friendly glass.

High impermeability

SCHOTT 8360 glass is capable of highly impermeable sealing in applications such as copper-sheathed wire, enabling electrical connection with copper to be maintained.

Optimized dielectric properties

SCHOTT 8360 glass has a high dielectric constant and low dielectric loss.

Viscosity thermal properties

Ideal for applications where low sealing temperatures are required, such as temperature-sensitive materials that need to be hermetically protected in NTC thermistor chips.

The viscosity curve of SCHOTT 8360 lead-free glass

Viscosity thermal properties

Coefficient of mean linear thermal expansion 
α (20°C; 300°C) as per DIN ISO 7991 


9,1 · 10-6 K-1

Transformation temperature Tg (ISO 7884-8)


465 °C

Glass temperature at viscosity ƞ in dPa · s:

1013  (annealing point) (ISO 7884-4)
107,6 (softening point) (ISO 7884-3)
104    (working point) (ISO 7884-2) 


Electrical properties

Ideal for applications with high DK values and low dielectric loss, SCHOTT 8360 has excellent electrical insulation properties.

Electrical properties


Log of the electric volume resistivity (Ω · cm)

at 250°C
at 350°C


tk 100



Dielectric constant e for 1 MHz at 25°C



Dielectric loss factor tan d for 1 MHz at 25°C


24 1 · 10-4

Refractive index nd (l = 587.6 nm)



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