SCHOTT 8360 is a lead-free speciality glass developed for a broad range of applications, including NTC thermistors. Widely used in temperature sensing and control devices, they protect sensitive components in the automotive, medical technology, and white goods industries.
 NTC thermistors are used in computed tomography (CT) imaging technology

NTC thermistors in medical technology

SCHOTT 8360 lead-free speciality glass is an important component in NTC thermistors for medical technology, providing a safe and reliable environment for sensitive electronics. Since a number of radiographic imaging technologies operate at high temperatures, NTC thermistors are used to measure and control the temperature to prevent damage to the device and ensure patient safety.

Close-up of a modern turbocharged car engine

NTC thermistors in automotive

The future of temperature sensing lies in lead-free glass for high-temperature points, providing a greener solution across a number of industries. In the automotive industry, SCHOTT 8360 glass is a key element in NTC thermistors, which provide crucial temperature control in both electric and combustion engine vehicles.

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