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PYRANOVA® is a clear, laminated composite glass that offers outstanding levels of fire resistance thanks to a combination of thin glass panes and internal layers. In the event of a fire, these layers foams up to prevent the passage of heat radiation, smoke and flames, protecting people at evacuation routes.
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Stylish and effective

SCHOTT PYRANOVA® laminated glass is a highly popular choice for fire-resistant glazing due to its attractive design, an advantage that combines with effective function. PYRANOVA® meets all the requirements of fire resistance classes EI 15 to EI 120 and EW 30 to EW 60, offering high levels of fire protection for buildings and the people inside them.

Internal staircase of an office building with glass walls and partitions

Proven safety for escape routes

The robust, heat-resistant protective shield that PYRANOVA® creates around passages such as fire escapes, emergency exits and staircases ensures there is a safe, protected exit route for occupants of a business or residence, which can prove invaluable in the event of a serious fire.

Floor-to-ceiling glass wall with dark metal frame

Product variants

SCHOTT also produces ISO PYRANOVA®, which incorporates PYRANOVA® in a double-glazed unit where enhanced features are required. With strong anti-glare protection plus excellent sound and heat insulation, it’s an attractive energy-efficient solution, with construction designs making it suitable for interior and exterior use.

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We are certified

SCHOTT is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001. All SCHOTT fire-resistant glasses are CE and EN 13501-2 certified. PYRANOVA® is a composite glass in accordance with DIN EN ISO 12543.

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