Safety glass after impact with fire in background

NOVOLAY® secure and PYRANOVA® secure

As well as protecting public and commercial buildings plus domestic homes from fire, SCHOTT’s safety glasses perform another vital role: shielding people and property from attack. PYRANOVA® secure and NOVOLAY® secure protect against manual, mechanical and projectile attack, offering unrivalled peace of mind.
Two windows with safety glass after mechanical impact with fire

All-round security

For all-round security, you need safety glazing to address more than one potential area of threat to a building. SCHOTT’s specialist safety glass PYRANOVA® secure not only meets the very highest standards in fire-resistant glazing, but also provides outstanding protection against manual impact, burglary threat and even bullets.

Pane of clear safety glass after impact

Strong, stylish and secure

When protecting people and property, high light transmission is a source of security in itself. Maximizing visibility through a window or door can greatly enhance its safety function, as well as retaining the look of a building. SCHOTT’s NOVOLAY® secure offers outstanding transparency while meeting extremely high attack resistance.

Female scientist examining a sample of PYRANOVA® secure fire-resistant glass

Product variants

SCHOTT offers two product variants suited to different sets of customer needs, both with exceptional safety credentials. PYRANOVA® secure provides unbeatable all-round fire and impact security, plus bullet resistance, while NOVOLAY® secure combines high light transmission with excellent burglary and bullet resistance.

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Sample of SCHOTT NOVOLAY® secure glass after a bullet test

We are certified

SCHOTT Technical Glass Solutions GmbH is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001. SCHOTT Safety Glasses are CE-certified and classified according to EN 13501-2, as well as EN 356, EN 1627 and EN 1063.

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