There are a number of variants of PYRAN® safety glass. PYRAN® S is a thermally toughened monolithic glass with superior optical and mechanical properties, ISO PYRAN® S is a double-glazed unit and PYRAN® G is a curved glazing.


This monolithic, thermally tempered borosilicate glass offers exceptional quality of fire-resistant glazing and highly appealing versatility. Thanks to its outstanding optical and mechanical qualities, PYRAN® S can be found performing consistently and reliably in a broad range of landmark buildings across the world, in a wide variety of glazing designs.


PYRAN® S can be designed to meet fire-resistance classes E 30 to E 120 and EW 30 to EW 60, while other key assets include clear visibility due to low residual reflection and up to two hours of additional fire protection. A butt-joint system means it can also be used within demanding architectural designs. A special silicone joint is used to join the panes of glass together without a frame. This helps to create light, smooth sheets of glass that are virtually endless, providing a clear view at all times with no disturbing vertical profiles.


  • High transmission in the visible and ultraviolet spectral ranges.
  • Brilliant white glass optics, ensuring natural, pure color reproduction.
  • Resistant to attack by aggressive environmental factors.
  • Suitable for outdoor use with no limitations regarding UV radiation or temperature fluctuation.
  • Resistant to abrasive chemical solutions.
  • Option to make PYRAN® S anti-reflective on both sides using a dip-coating manufacturing process.
  • Easy to use in demanding architectural designs and available in large, smooth sheets of glass for unobstructed views.
  • Can also be used as part of a composite with soda-lime or single-pane safety glass, adding extra noise insulation and TRAV-certified impact resistance.


ISO PYRAN® S incorporates PYRAN® S fire-resistant glass in a double-glazed unit. This offers a useful option where enhanced properties are required, not only for protection against fire but also heat and noise insulation, optimizing energy efficiency while retaining the enduring aesthetic appeal of PYRAN®.


The stability of ISO PYRAN® S on exposure to UV radiation, as well as fluctuations in temperature and direct sunlight, makes it ideally suited for use in facades and roofs. While light transmission remains high, anti-glare protection is enhanced and unwanted heat and sound factors are tightly controlled.


  • Excellent sound insulation ideal for buildings in busy urban areas.
  • Outstanding heat insulation and sun protection for energy efficiency.
  • Excellent fire resistance qualities, with strong aesthetic appeal.
  • Dip-coated anti-reflective glazing option available. 
  • Lamination option provides safety against falling.


While the whole PYRAN® family of products deliver outstanding fire protection, PYRAN® G offers a distinctive stunning look for many modern buildings. This curved glazing facilitates an uninterrupted, complete visual look that’s eye-catching, as well as safe and energy-efficient.


PYRAN® G is a monolithic, thermally annealed borosilicate glass that takes on a distinctive cylindrical shape during the forming process. This offers a striking stylish design that increases the options for innovative architecture. 


  • Excellent transparency.
  • Unique look and attention-grabbing visual effect.
  • Meets the requirements of fire resistance class E 30.
  • While not a regulated building material, it can be used with individual building approval.


PYRAN® Star is a transparent fire-rated glass-ceramic for architectural application produced using SCHOTT’s rolling process.


PYRAN® Star fire-rated glass-ceramics are certified by Underwriters Laboratories for fire-protection ratings. For safety-rated applications, filmed (PYRAN® Star F) and laminated (PYRAN® Star L) versions are available.


  • Transparent and wireless. 
  • Withstands thermal shock (hose-stream tested). 
  • Approximate visible light transmission of 87 %.
  • Fire-rated up to 90 minutes (180 minutes in doors).
  • Standard surface finish with a slight texture.
  • Maximum sheet sizes: approximately 1,954 x 1,100 mm.
  • Suited for use in standard fire-rated frames with the same rating.
  • Conforms to positive pressure test standards.

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