Technological advances always open up new opportunities in previously unexplored areas. The transmission and large acceptance angle of PURAVIS® glass optical fibers make them ideal for medical diagnostics applications such as endoscopy, microscopy, and spectroscopy, as well as fluorescence-based technology.
Male doctor holding a silver endoscope


PURAVIS® glass optical fibers are ideal for the illumination systems of endoscopes, which are widely used in medical procedures to visualize areas of tissue inside the human body. With such a vital role, it’s essential that the light has exactly the right properties for accurate and reliable results. PURAVIS® fibers combine exceptional transmission, low color shift, and chemical stability for top quality performance and robust reliability.

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SCHOTT KL 2500 LED Light Source and guide illuminating a green insect


Stereo microscopy is used in a wide range of sectors, from education and research to medical diagnostics and forensic science. In all areas, effective and reliable results rely on uniform light delivery, and PURAVIS® glass optical fibers provide consistent and dependable illumination. The broad SCHOTT PURAVIS® portfolio includes ring lights, line lights, and back lights, as well as flexible and gooseneck light guides.

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Two bubbles on a light spectrum reflecting the colors


The area of spectroscopy has revolutionized global scientific research and diagnostics, providing key breakthroughs in a huge amount of areas. For industrial laboratories, the near-infrared scanning range offers great potential for the analysis of raw materials, and PURAVIS® glass optical fibers provide the ideal delivery system for these wavelengths.

Green image of a pair of human lungs

Fluorescence-based applications

PURAVIS® fibers have an increasing presence in fluorescence-based analytical equipment – the advanced technology that uses fluorescent imaging to detect caries, cancers, and other abnormalities. Since PURAVIS® offers excellent transmission in the near-UV range, it's ideal for photodynamic diagnostics (PDD) at 405 nm. PURAVIS® also enables applications in the indocyanine green range (ICG).

Female patient undergoing dental treatment


Excellent light transmission makes PURAVIS® glass optical fibers ideal for SCHOTT Light Guide Rods, which are widely used in dentistry to deliver precise and controllable illumination. PURAVIS® is the first choice for applications such as the fast curing of photo-polymerizable filling materials, as well as helping to detect cancer and caries with the use of fluorescent light.

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