Two hands with white gloves holding a NEXTERION® glass substrate

NEXTERION® glass substrates

NEXTERION® is the leading brand for cleaned and coated glass substrates for research, diagnostics and many other life science applications. With experience in the production of microarray and lab-on-a-chip solutions, we offer a wide range of standard products and functional coatings for DNA, protein and cell applications. Beside the standard products the focus lay on tailor made solutions exactly adapted to the customer needs.

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Expertise and capabilities for life science and diagnostics

With our deep know-how in glass production and processing, we are able to offer the highest quality solutions for microarrays, microfluidics and flow cells. Our capabilities include glass processing, microfluidic structuring, surface coating, laser marking, glass bonding as well as assembly.

two employees in cleanroom production holding a NEXTERION(R) glass substrate in the hand

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We are pioneers at heart, driven by the thrill of solving complex problems and blazing new trails in our industry. We thrive on challenges, seeing each obstacle as an opportunity to innovate and excel. Our passion lies in partnering with you, to turn your ideas into reality and to help you achieve success. Together, let's embark on a journey where your success becomes our ultimate challenge.

NEXTERION® glass substrate with marking

Product variants

Where others only offer uncoated glass substrates, SCHOTT MINIFAB goes beyond to provide ready-to-use solutions adapted to specific needs of our customer.

More about variants
A selection of uncoated NEXTERION® glass substrates in in various forms
A NEXTERION® structured glass substrate
A NEXTERION® bonded glass substrate

We are certified

Our systems and processes are certified to ISO 13485:2016, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 50001:2011. Certificates can be provided upon request.

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Deciphering proteins in detail

Tissue protein analysis is key to the diagnosis and treatment of disease. An innovative technique now enables researchers to measure protein expression in individual cells quickly and simply. NEXTERION® specialty glass helps to deliver the full potential of this method known as Single-Cell Western.
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Meet Quotient: Transforming Blood Diagnostics

Swiss diagnostics company Quotient has a clear mission: To create the world’s most efficient blood test. As a SCHOTT customer, the company's COO in 2020 Ed Farrell shares with us how this goal drives him onward each and every day, and how specialty glass is helping the team to achieve this goal.
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