Light Guide Rods

SCHOTT Light Guide Rods benefit from exceptional technical properties that offer customers impressive versatility and customizability, as well as mechanical strength and chemical resilience in challenging environments.

Designed for optimum performance in challenging conditions

Outstanding optical qualities

SCHOTT's Light Guide Rods offer exceptional white light transmission. In addition, we are able to offer solutions for UV and NIR applications, and our portfolio offers a wide range of numerical apertures.

Chemical and mechanical stability

The PURAVIS® glass optical fibers used in our Light Guide Rods offer strong chemical and mechanical resistance, which makes them suitable for harsh environments such as autoclaving systems.

Heat resistance

Hot fused ends withstand temperatures up to 400°C, allowing SCHOTT Light Guide Rods to resist thermal shock even in challenging environments.

Eco friendliness

We are able to offer lead-free and arsenic-free SCHOTT PURAVIS® fibers for an environmentally friendly solution.

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