Light Guide Rods

While SCHOTT Light Guide Rods play a crucial role in modern dentistry, endoscopy, and sensor technology, advanced fibers such as the SCHOTT PURAVIS® family are also used in fluorescence-based applications in medical diagnostics.

Female patient examined by a dentist

Reliable all-round technology for dentistry

Precise and clear illumination is the basis for effective dental treatment. Excellent light transmission makes SCHOTT Light Guide Rods the first choice for applications such as the fast curing of photo-polymerizable filling materials. In addition, they can help to detect cancer and caries with the use of fluorescent light. Our light guide rods also serve as magnifying applicators in phototherapeutic systems powered by diode lasers.

Blue liquid with bubbles on surface

Accurate liquid level sensing

Liquid level sensors rely upon glass rods with a particularly strong ability to guide and transmit light in order to accurately monitor fluids in a variety of industries. The stable properties of SCHOTT fiber optics and glass tubing optimize the reliability of this technology.

Dental microscope with white light source

Precise homogenization of light

The ability of light guide rods to act as homogenizers of light beams can prove very useful in a wide range of fields. Glass-clad hexagonal mixing rods deliver LED and laser light illumination, a process that’s successfully used in medical imaging systems, medical sensors and detectors, laser targeting and industrial inspection systems.

Surgeon in hospital operating theatre holding an endoscope

Advances in endoscopy

SCHOTT's Light Guide Rods have an indispensable role in rigid endoscopes. Glass fiber cones feed light into the endoscope like a funnel, which gives an exit illumination angle of up to 120°. This maximizes the illumination area without the need to move the endoscope. The high white light transmission created by our light guide rods facilitate exceptionally accurate diagnostics.

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Green fluorescent image of a pair of lungs

Fluorescence-based applications

One area that SCHOTT Light Guide Rods have an increasing presence in is fluorescence-based technology. SCHOTT’s innovative PURAVIS® glass optical fibers offer improved transmission in the near-UV range, enabling fluorescent imaging to achieve an improved analysis of body tissue to detect caries, cancers and other abnormalities.

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