Diagram of two exhaust pipes with fire coming out, with embedded sensor


HEATAN® high-temperature sensor feedthroughs deliver unparalleled protection and performance for sensors in extreme temperatures of 1000°C and above. Made using a unique combination of materials and state-of-the-art sealing technology, they enable next-generation sensor designs.
Diagram of three types of SCHOTT HEATAN™ feedthroughs

Ready now for next-generation automotive sensors

The exceptional heat and corrosion resistance of HEATAN® feedthroughs makes them ideally-suited for all heat-exposed automotive sensors. They can be fully custom-designed to specific requirements. Superior robustness makes HEATAN® the first choice in engine management systems, exhaust management technologies, temperature sensors, and pressure sensors.

Diagram of two feedthroughs, one using a conventional design and the other SCHOTT HEATAN®

Enabling simpler, more economical high-temperature sensors

HEATAN® sensor feedthroughs are single-component solutions that simplify the process of assembling sensor sealing systems for applications above 1000°C by using fewer components and a more cost-effective assembly. In contrast, conventional multi-component sensor sealing assemblies require several manufacturing steps to achieve the required high-temperature properties.

We are certified

HEATAN® feedthroughs are produced in production facilities that are certified according to: IATF 16949 corresponding to QS 9000/VDA 6.1, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

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