Feedthroughs for Airbags and Seatbelts
Two SCHOTT feedthroughs for airbags and seatbelts

Feedthroughs for Airbags and Seatbelts

Vacuum-tight feedthroughs and headers from SCHOTT are essential for the dependable function of airbags, seatbelts and circuit breakers. They protect the ignitor charge from moisture and the environment, while enabling reliable electrical signal transmission to the pyrotechnic load in the event of an accident.
Diagram of a vehicle airbag system with hermetic SCHOTT ignitor feedthroughs

Technology and innovation leader

Based on decades of experience and close partnership with the automotive industry, SCHOTT is the leading supplier in the area of headers for airbag ignitors and seatbelt pretensioners. While our products set today’s standard in terms of performance and reliability, we continuously strive to develop further to suit our customers' individual needs.

Industrial manufacture equipment producing SCHOTT feedthroughs for airbags and seatbelts

High quality, high volume, supply security

SCHOTT offers high-quality products in volumes ranging from prototype up to mass production. Our IATF-certified facilities on two continents and consignment warehouse services are optimized to meet the automotive industry’s strict quality targets and delivery requirements. This helps us offer a high level of supply security and flexibility to our customers.

We are certified

All our worldwide automotive production facilities are IATF (TS 16949) certified.

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Thomas Pfeiffer, Head of Product Division Automotive
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Head of Product Division Automotive