Flexible Imaging Bundles

SCHOTT Flexible Imaging Bundles offer a significant range of technical benefits for medical, defense and industrial use. High optical performance combined with outstanding flexibility, they provide essential vision for small- and large-diameter applications.

The advantages of experience and precise inspection

Optical performance

The impressive performance of SCHOTT Flexible Imaging Bundles comes from the high quality of their key components, along with our years of experience and expertise in fiber optics. This stems from the outstanding core and cladding glasses produced within the company.

Inspection systems

SCHOTT prides itself on helping industry get the right product for their needs. We have developed precise optical inspection systems to enable operators to determine the suitability of a specific component for an application.

Outstanding flexibility

SCHOTT imaging bundles are produced using unique processes that utilize both multi-step draw and the winding of glass fibers. This ensures optimum flexibility of the bundles.

A history of glass expertise

SCHOTT’s experience in producing imaging components for the medical and industrial markets goes back more than six decades.

Large Diameter Image Guides

Large Diameter Image Guides


Small Diameter Image Guides

Table showing the technical specifications of Small Diameter Image Guides

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